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Ants Control

Firstly, the ants-exterminator will thoroughly inspect your premise to examine the level of infestation and what kind of treatment does your property require. The ant pest control professional will apply a special powder at the entry points, cracks and openings which ants use as entrances to your property, the ants will view it as food material and take it back to their origin(nests).

The unique powder applied by the pest control agent is a powerful and effective pesticide that in time will eliminate the ant infestation as it has residual properties, the effect will remain active for a more extended time period.


 How to Detect an Ant Infestation

  • Track down the entry point of the ants towards the house and seal it off.
  • Always clean up the leftovers on the table after having a meal, the ants can easily get attracted to the food materials quickly.
  • The residue left after a beverage is spilt attracts ants rapidly because most of the ants are attracted to sweeter things.
  • Lock away the food products securely in an air-tight container or in a safe cupboard, a place where ants couldn’t reach.


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Ants are cosmopolitan insects, i.e. most of the species prefer habituating in a warmer climate. They are most active during the warmer months of the year. Climatic conditions of the UK are not suitable for ants. However, you might find some species of ants lingering in your garden or your home, workplace which could be troublesome. Black ants are common species of ants found in the UK. Black or garden ants don’t carry any diseases, but you do not know the places they have been lingering. Ants follow up to the food source, which will much likely lead the ants to your cupboard, food storage facility.

Ants are experts in foraging food and have a powerful sense of smell. Ants gather around in clusters looking food. After locating the source, they form long queues collecting the food materials to their nests. The line of ants will lead to their origin (nest) probably situated outside your premise. We at 1 Pest Control are happy to be at your service, and our ant control treatments will surely eliminate your ant problem. We provide the best ant pest control services in London.


Signs of an Ant infestation

Know what to look out for when ants are detected

Get Rid of Ants

Professional treatments for the removal of Ants Infestation

Expert Ant Treatment 

  • After you contact us, we’ll get in touch and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.
  • Our certified Technicians will inspect your property and make assessment reports for safe, targeted treatments. All treatments are child and pet friendly.
  • Our Technician will start work, at the exact time you have selected.
  • The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved. 
  • Contact us at 1 Pest Control to comprehensively eliminate the Ants infestation.

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