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Bed Bug Treatment London

Eliminate the Bed bug Infestation by hiring the most reliable Pest Control Service in London


The Bed Bugs are crawling pests which feed on the blood of humans and animals. If you have bed bugs in your house, the wise thing to do is getting rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. They tend to gather at almost every place possible like your food sources, mostly near the areas where people happen to rest and sleep, bed bugs mainly reside near your beds.

The bed bug bite can cause potential secondary infection from constant scratching. Immediate action must be taken to prevent the itching sensation and rashes which appear on the skin after a bite.

There’s been a resurgence of bed bugs in houses at night which could be related to the global increase in international travel (as they crawl under luggage and clothing). We understand how irritating this situation can be to you and your loved ones. We at 1Pest-Control London are happy to help you eradicate this situation to make sure your family is safe. We offer the best services, procedures that exterminates the entire colony of bed bugs completely.


Bed Bug Fumigation Treatment & Spray Technique


The Bed Bug Control Expert will inspect the property to determine the level of bed bug infestation and the affected areas. After the primary assessment, the technician will select the type of treatment that suits the state. 

The Pest Control Professional should have all-access to the affected areas during the Survey.

Bed Bug Pest Treatment itself takes two visits in total, about two weeks apart. The process takes 2 or 3 visits due to the life cycle of the bed bugs. On the 1st visit, the bed bug exterminator will spray the infected areas with an insecticide. The insecticide has a powerful knock-down effect, which kills all the life-stages of the bed bugs. Any bed bugs present along with their eggs will die in time due to the residual impact of the pesticide. On the 2nd and further visits, the professional will eliminate the infestation.

The Bed Bug treatment doesn't eliminate the total infestation all together, there is another method Bed Bug Heat Treatment. The Heat Treatment thoroughly exterminates the Bed Bug infestation.

The Heat Treatment has 100 % efficiency rate, it is recommended for severe cases of Bed Bug infestation.



If you opt for Full Bed Bug Treatment, the Pest Control Technician will visit the property and inspects the treated areas. The professional will respray the infected regions with pesticide after Observation(if necessary) to make sure the effect stays for a more extended period.

You can request for another visit for Free if needed within 3 months of the treatment. 

The Professional will provide a detailed report of the complete treatment. The Technician will also advise on the Prevention of the future Bed Bug Infestations.

Expert Bed Bug Control

  • After you contact us, we’ll get in touch and will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.
  • Our certified Technicians will inspect your property and make assessment reports for safe, targeted treatments. All treatments are child and pet friendly.
  • Our Technician will start work, at the exact time you have selected.
  • The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved.
  • Contact us at 1 Pest Control to comprehensively eliminate the bed bug infestation.


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Our Technicians will survey and create an assessment report 

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Technicians will verify the issue and provide the treatment  

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We’ll visit the premises several times, as per the requirement 

  • Prevention tips are provided after treatment is completed
  • Excellent and trustworthy Solutions 
  • Your premise will be Pest free

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