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Flea problems in UK houses are becoming more common as the days pass by, especially in homes with pet animals. Fleas indirectly infest human-inhabited environments like houses, working places by being brought in directly or indirectly by pet animals or people. They are difficult to spot as they are very tiny in size, flea bites are not only harmful to animals but also to humans.

If your pet is scratching uncontrollably, you must take immediate measures because there is already an infestation growing on your pet animal’s skin. Many animals with fur like rabbits, squirrels, pigs, rats and mice act as carriers for fleas. You might discover difficulties with these pests even if you don’t have pets at home. Previous house owner’s pets might have introduced them.

Flea bites cause a horrible itch or a gruesome rash. Being hairy your pets can develop an unstoppable scratching behaviour or severe allergies by coming in contact with flea saliva. The pest control professionals will take care of your pet animals (cats, dogs and other domestic animals) by treating them with flea control treatments. Contact us for a flea-free home. We are based in London and provide the best flea pest control treatments.

 Flea Control

  • After you contact us, we’ll get in touch and will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.
  • Our certified Technicians will inspect your property and make assessment reports for safe, targeted treatments. All treatments are child and pet friendly.
  • Our Technician will start work, at the exact time you have selected.
  • The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved.
  • Contact us at 1 Pest Control to comprehensively eliminate the Fleas infestation.

Flea Treatment

Our professional flea exterminator technician will visit your premise to identify the degree of the infestation, at suitable timing. The expert should be granted all – access to the affected areas.

The expert uses two kinds of treatments. Spray technique involves spraying the affected areas with an insecticide to eliminate the flea infestation. In Fumigation treatment, the professional will use a flea insecticide which has residual properties. The pesticide in time spreads all over the flea population and slowly kills the infestation in the process.

How to get rid of fleas:

  • Vacuum your premises, this will eliminate the adult fleas along with larvae and eggs.
  • Carefully empty the vacuum far from home as the fleas can still be alive
  • Groom your pet animals daily.
  • Consult your veterinarian if your pet animal scratches or bites it’s fur repeatedly.




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Technicians will verify the issue and provide the treatment  

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  • Child & Pet friendly treatments


We’ll visit the premises several times, as per the requirement 

  • Prevention tips are provided after treatment is completed
  • Excellent and trustworthy Solutions 
  • Your premise will be Pest free

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