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There are around thousand or more species of moths found in the UK; however, a few of them are considered pests, they are clothes moths. Clothes moths are not a threat to your health in any way but can severely damage natural fibres (silk, wool, cotton) in clothes and fabrics. The caterpillars of clothes moths cause the primary damage to clothing materials by feeding on the protein (keratin) found in the natural fibre materials. Naturally, this puts your clothing items at risk. 

The clothes which are left in the wardrobes draw and under the bed for a more extended period can also get infested with larvae. The infestation which detected must be treated quickly because if left untouched, later there is a chance of a possible infestation to appear. If you have identified a moth infestation in your house, you can contact us at 1 PestControl for the best moth treatment. We provide the best pest control services in London.


Signs of Clothes Moths

Know what to look out for when Moths are detected

Get Rid of Moths

Professional treatments for the removal of Moths

Expert Moth Control

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  • The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved.
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Preventing Clothes Moths

Practical advice to prevent moths  from taking over

Clothes Moths

Are you worried about Moths?


From the million recorded insects in the world, only a relatively small number are regarded as pests.

Moths Treatments

 Moth Treatment

The pest control professional treats the affected areas with a moth killer insecticide that will leave a powerful effect on the clothes moths and larvae. The insecticide has residual qualities and will eliminate the infestation in a shorter period.

The wardrobes, walls, curtains, cupboards will be treated completely, and the professional will make sure that no insecticide will come in contact with your clothes.

How to get rid of Moth Larvae

  •  Vacuum the whole place and don’t forget to empty it later as the larvae may remain in the bag and dispose of it as soon as possible.
  • Wash all the fabrics like furnishing, linens, rugs, blankets and towels.
  • Always keep the clothes clean as the female moths lay eggs on the untidy clothing materials, also make sure the clothes in the wardrobes are clean before putting them in.
  • Cleaning the furniture is necessary as the moths lay eggs in the cracks which are hard to point out.
  • Vintage or antique clothing materials must be dry cleaned before placing them with existing clean clothes. 


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