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Have you been discovering holes in your woodwork, similar to a dart-board? Along with powdery dust surrounding these holes around the wooden materials?. If so, it is most likely that your woodwork must have developed a woodworm infestation. Signs of woodworm infestation include exit holes or tunnel-shaped marks in the woodwork. Woodworms are wood-eating insects. The larvae of the wood-boring beetles are woodworms. The beetles lay their eggs in the months of April and September.

In most cases timber is infested with common furniture beetle, it is the most common woodworm beetle found in the UK that infests the furniture. Identifying the degree of infestation in the early stages plays the central part in preventing a severe problem.  We at 1Pest Control are happy to be at your service. We are based in London and provide the best woodworm pest control treatments that will surely eliminate the woodworm infestation in whole.

Signs of Woodworms

Know what to look out for when woodworms are detected

Get Rid of Woodworms

Professional treatments for the removal of woodworms

Expert Woodworm Control

  • After you contact us, we’ll get in touch and will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.
  • Our certified Technicians will inspect your property and make assessment reports for safe, targeted treatments. All treatments are child and pet friendly.
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  • The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved.
  • Contact us at 1 Pest Control to comprehensively eliminate your Woodworms infestation.

Preventing Woodworms

Practical advice to prevent Woodworms taking over


Are you worried about Woodworms?


From the million recorded insects in the world, only a relatively small number are regarded as pests.

Woodworms Treatments

The woodworm pest control professional will survey your property, identify the level of woodworm infestation. The expert should have access to the affected It is in your best interest to replace the woodwork that has significantly been infested. Besides, the pest control professional will spray an insecticide which has a residual effect and will eradicate all the woodworms

Here are the treatments we provide:

Water-based Treatment

Fumigation Treatment

Fogging Treatment

The procedures vary from property to property

How to get rid of woodworms

  •  Scan the damage caused to the timber and look for the signs of an infestation to make sure you are dealing with a woodworm issue in the first place.
  • Check if the furniture could be saved.
  • Woodworm infestation is not infectious but replacing the woodwork is the smart thing to do




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