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Cockroaches are insects with large antennae and a pair of wings, the most common species of cockroaches in the areas around London are German and Oriental cockroaches. They breed rapidly and eat almost anything. Discovering cockroaches in your home or workplace can be very unsettling. They are known for spreading diseases such as Salmonella, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, and on top of that exposure of these pests will be a significant threat in your health risks. Taking no precautions for stopping their growth is a bad idea, as they increase in number very rapidly professional treatment is essential.

Expert’s products and solutions can only eliminate all the stages of their life cycle. Cockroaches are nocturnal, in the day-time they tend to hide in the cracks and crevices, these pests consume anything from food materials, paper, plastics, and fabrics to faeces. If there’s a drastic rise in the number of roaches in your kitchen, bathroom, basement or attic, it’s time to take measures to get rid of them. We at 1 Pest Control are happy to be at your service contact us for a thorough cockroach pest control treatment.

Cockroaches Treatment

Cockroaches can infest any property; if you have identified an infestation of cockroaches in your household or place of business, catering sector. We offer pest control services, which include a full cockroach treatment in London that will eliminate your cockroach problem.

The pest control professional will inspect the infested areas to determine the degree of infestation.As per the cockroach infestation, depending on the widespread our professional treats the area with paper writing help preferred cockroach control treatment.


  •   To get rid of the cockroach infestation, the pest control professional uses a gel to attract the roaches, once ingested it will poison and kill them. Since the pests are omnivorous, the live ones will feed on the dead ones, resulting in a chain effect over the infestation. Hence the purpose of the treatment is completed.


  • If the level of infestation is very high, the pest control professional uses cockroach control spray(insecticide) to the affected areas. The spray has residual properties; the effect will stay for a more extended period.

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Ants are cosmopolitan insects, i.e. most of the species prefer habituating in a warmer climate. They are most active during the warmer months of the year. Climatic conditions of the UK are not suitable for ants. However, you might find some species of ants lingering in your garden or your home, workplace which could be troublesome. Black ants are common species of ants found in the UK. Black or garden ants don’t carry any diseases, but you do not know the places they have been lingering.

Ants follow up to the food source, which will much likely lead the ants to your cupboard, food storage facility. Ants are experts in foraging food and have a powerful sense of smell. Ants gather around in clusters looking food. After locating the source, they form long queues collecting the food materials to their nests. The line of ants will lead to their origin(nest) probably situated outside your premise. We at 1 Pest Control are happy to be at your service, and our ant control treatments will surely eliminate your ant problem. We provide the best ant pest control services in London.

Ants Treatment

  • Firstly, the ants-exterminator will thoroughly inspect your premise to examine the level of infestation and what kind of treatment does your property require.

  • The ant pest control professional will apply a special powder at the entry points, cracks and openings which ants use as entrances to your property, the ants will view it as food material and take it back to their origin(nests).

    The unique powder applied by the pest control agent is a powerful and effective pesticide that in time will eliminate the ant infestation as it has residual properties, the effect will remain active for a more extended time period.


The Bed Bugs are a crawling pests which feed on the blood of humans and animals. If you have bed bugs in your house, the wise thing to do is getting rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. They tend to gather at almost every place possible like your food sources, mostly near the areas where people happen to rest and sleep, bed bugs mainly reside near your beds.

The bed bug bite can cause potential secondary infection from constant scratching. Immediate action must be taken to prevent the itching sensation and rashes which appear on the skin after a bite.

There’s been a resurgence of bed bugs in houses at night which could be related to the global increase in international travel (as they crawl under luggage and clothing). We understand how irritating this situation can be to you and your loved ones. We at 1Pest-Control London are happy to help you eradicate this situation to make sure your family is safe. We offer the best services, procedures that exterminates the entire colony of bed bugs completely.

Bed Bugs Treatment

  • The best resolve for bed bugs problem is to reach out to our pest control professional. As treating bed bugs is a complex issue, not addressed quickly can lead to an infestation. We offer the best bed bug prevention techniques to eliminate the pests.Our techniques for bed bug treatment can exterminate all live stages (eggs, adults) effectively.

    Our bed bugs services are suitable for both residential and commercial properties such as Homes, Hotels and Hostels in and around London.The inspection of your respected property is carried out thoroughly by our pest-control professional, to determine the effected rooms in the house, the widespread of the infestation.

    During the survey, the bed bugs exterminator should be granted all-access to all the affected bedrooms.

     The bed bug extermination team performs a full survey of the property, and the professionals have to be granted all access to the affected areas of the premise. The bed bug specialist uses a bug pest control substance to attract the bed bugs, and the material has a residual effect which will in time eliminate the infestation. The professionals use specific techniques to target the infected areas to eliminate newly hatched bugs and also all the life-cycles of the bugs. The methods used by the specialists are:


    •  Property Fumigation
    •  Heat Treatment


Finding Mice at home or Place of business can be very distressing. Mice are carriers of many dangerous diseases. The  droppings of mice can  transmit diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonellosis, indirectly. Which are very harmful to your health. In the search for food, mice cover great distances. Mice are small rodents, they can enter your premises through holes and openings .

The kitchen or food storage areas are treasures troves for mice as they contain food items like bread, pasta, cereal, biscuits, veggies and cheese. The more leftovers your households have, the more mice you attract. Mice can seriously damage your property by gnawing down on soft items, pipes and Softwood doors. gnawing on insulation in the premises and motor vehicles may lead to fire risks. You can eliminate your mice problem by contacting us at 1 Pest Control. We provide the best mice pest control treatments in London.

Mice Treatment

  • The mice pest control professional will survey the premise and identify the affected areas in the property. The pest control specialist should be granted full access to the mice-infested areas.

  • The mice exterminator will seal the entry points, which include small holes inside the premises with sealants, wire wools, and expanding foam. In case of severe infestation, the pest control agent will set pesticide traps in affected areas to thoroughly exterminate the mice infestation. The mice once caught are removed from the property by the technician in a humane manner. The pest control professional will place the traps in hard to reach places for children and pet animals.


 Rattus Norvegicus, commonly known as Brown rat/common rat, is the most common species of rats found in the UK. The population of Rats in London has peaked record numbers in the past few years. According to the sources, rats are growing in size rapidly. Rats are very persistent vermin, gnawing through metal to enter your premise. If they manage to enter your premise through any means, they are highly likely to contaminate the food products and damage the property.

Rats are also responsible for spreading diseases indirectly to people. Rats transmit diseases such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), rat-bite fever and Salmonellosis. Rats may be aggressive at times if cornered, rats become aggressive when threatened they might put up a fight. Rats are attracted to your house by the waste, bits and pieces of garbage left unchecked. Rats are active during the night time. Check for the signs like smudges on the surfaces, gnaw marks, holes, nests and footprints.  We at are happy to be at your service, and we are based in London, provide the best rat pest control treatments which will eliminate the Rat infestation.

Rat Treatment

  • The Rat Pest control treatment professional will survey your house or place of business to highlight the degree of infestation. The pest control professional should be granted all-access to the property.

  • The Rat exterminator will fill rat-sized entry points with sealants, expanding foam and wire wool. In case of a massive infestation, the agent will lay down the rat-traps containing rodenticides. The Rat-traps or trap boxes will be carefully placed in hard-to-reach places where rats tend to wander. The traps will be placed in hard-to-reach areas where neither children nor pets could reach access.

  • The Rat control specialist will proof your premise and will install door brush seals at the bottom of the doors to prevent rats and mice from entering your house. Vent mesh made of stainless steel are installed at homes, restaurants or places of business to avoid rats to enter through vents


There are around thousand or more species of moths found in the UK; however, a few of them are considered pests, they are clothes moths. Clothes moths are not a threat to your health in any way but can severely damage natural fibres (silk, wool, cotton) in clothes and fabrics. The caterpillars of clothes moths cause the primary damage to clothing materials by feeding on the protein (keratin) found in the natural fibre materials. Naturally, this puts your clothing items at risk.  The clothes which are left in the wardrobes draw and under the bed for a more extended period can also get infested with larvae. The infestation which detected must be treated quickly because if left untouched, later there is a chance of a possible infestation to appear. If you have identified a moth infestation in your house, you can contact us at 1 PestControl for the best moth treatment. We provide the best pest control services in London.

Moths Treatment

  • The pest control professional treats the affected areas with a moth killer insecticide that will leave a powerful effect on the clothes moths and larvae. The insecticide has residual qualities and will eliminate the infestation in a shorter period.

  • The wardrobes, walls, curtains, cupboards will be treated completely, and the professional will make sure that no insecticide will come in contact with your clothes.


Flea problems in UK houses are becoming more common as the days pass by, especially in homes with pet animals. Fleas indirectly infest human-inhabited environments like houses, working places by being brought in directly or indirectly by pet animals or people. They are difficult to spot as they are very tiny in size, flea bites are not only harmful to animals but also to humans. If your pet is scratching uncontrollably, you must take immediate measures because there is already an infestation occuring on your pet animal’s skin surface.

Many animals with fur like rabbits, squirrels, pigs, rats and mice act as carriers for fleas. You might discover difficulties with these pests even if you don’t have pets at home. Previous house owner’s pets might have introduced them. Flea bites can cause a horrible itch or a gruesome rash. Being hairy your pets can develop an unstoppable scratching behaviour or severe allergies by coming in contact with flea saliva. The pest control professionals will take care of your pet animals (cats, dogs and other domestic animals) by treating them with flea control treatments. Contact us for a flea-free home. We are based in London and provide the best flea pest control treatments.

Fleas Treatment

    • Our professional flea exterminator technician will visit your premise to identify the degree of the infestation, at suitable timing. The expert should be granted all – access to the affected areas

    • The expert uses two kinds of treatments. Spray technique involves spraying the affected areas with an insecticide to eliminate the flea infestation.

    •  In Fumigation treatment, the professional will use a flea insecticide which has residual properties. The pesticide in time spreads all over the flea population and slowly kills the infestation in the process.


    Flies are terrible flying insects which pose a significant threat to humans, pets and livestock. Flies are tiny in shape and can quickly enter your property without any hassle. Flies rapidly get attracted to any leftover food materials and spilt beverages. They gather around garbage, faeces and anything foul. Flies can quickly infest your premise and along with it spreads dangerous diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. Some of the Fly species can even bite animals and humans.

    A single fly is a nuisance, imagine an infestation of flies hovering inside your property. Restricting flies from entering your property is not an easy task. If flies are left uncontrolled, they are capable of multiplying in vast numbers leading to a large infestation. Some Flies are capable of metamorphosing from eggs to adults in just a week. Do you have a fly infestation at your house?. Do not worry we at 1 Pestcontrol are happy to be at your service. We are based in London and provide the best fly pest control treatment that will surely eliminate the fly infestation.

    Flies Treatment

    • The fly pest control eliminator will survey the places in the premise to locate the infested areas and determine the root of the infestation. The pest control agent needs to be granted full access to the premise.

    •  The pest control exterminator sprays insecticide to the affected areas. The pesticide has a strong residual effect, which eliminates the infestation also attracts and kills other pests like mosquitoes, gnats, booklice.