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 Rattus Norvegicus, commonly known as Brown rat/common rat, is the most common species of rats found in the UK. The population of Rats in London has peaked record numbers in the past few years. According to the sources, rats are growing in size rapidly. Rats are very persistent vermin, gnawing through metal to enter your premise. If they manage to enter your premise through any means, they are highly likely to contaminate the food products and damage the property.

Rats are also responsible for spreading diseases indirectly to people. Rats transmit diseases such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), rat-bite fever and Salmonellosis. Rats may be aggressive at times if cornered, rats become aggressive when threatened they might put up a fight. Rats are attracted to your house by the waste, bits and pieces of garbage left unchecked. Rats are active during the night time. Check for the signs like smudges on the surfaces, gnaw marks, holes, nests and footprints.  We at 1 Pest Control are happy to be at your service, and we are based in London, provide the best rat pest control treatments which will eliminate the Rat infestation.

Signs of Rat Infestation

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Rat Prevention

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Are you worried about Rats ?


From the million recorded Rodents in the world, only a relatively small number are regarded as pests.

Rat Treatments

The Rat Pest control treatment professional will survey your house or place of business to highlight the degree of infestation. The pest control professional should be granted all-access to the property. The Rat exterminator will fill rat-sized entry points with sealants, expanding foam and wire wool. In case of a massive infestation, the agent will lay down the rat-traps containing rodenticides. The Rat-traps or trap boxes will be carefully placed in hard-to-reach places where rats tend to wander. The traps will be placed in hard-to-reach areas where neither children nor pets could reach access.

The Rat control specialist will proof your premise and will install door brush seals at the bottom of the doors to prevent rats and mice from entering your house. Vent mesh made of stainless steel are installed at homes, restaurants or places of business to avoid rats to enter through vents

 How to get rid of Rats

  • Keep the pet feeder inside your house, if placed outside use metal or hard plastic containers.
  • Dispose of trash piles, woodpiles.
  • Keep your lawn mowed.
  • Try to fix your plumbing leaks as early as possible.
  • The pipes or wiring entering the premise needs to be caulked.
  • Pick up the vegetables or fruits from the garden when they ripe and fall.


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