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Squirrels may look like pretty wee-furry animals, but in reality, they are a nuisance. The two common species found in the UK are Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) and Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinesis). The Red Squirrel is protected under the Wildlife and Conservation Act 1981, and the grey squirrel is considered a pest.  Squirrels can cause significant damage to your property in different ways.

Squirrels often make attics or empty rooms their nesting place, making it their territory. Squirrels might get aggressive if agitated. There is a misconception that blocking the entryway solves the problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Blockage does not prevent the infestation from spreading. Signs of Squirrel infestation include droppings which are mainly faeces found in the loft places of the property. Squirrels are larger in size when compared to rats, mice.

They can cause severe damage to the insulation materials, soft metals, joists in the roofing parts of the property. They can gnaw through hardwood as they have sharp teeth and large claws. Squirrels are capable of ruining your property and also your backyards. If you have spotted any of these signs mentioned earlier, then your premise has an infestation. This situation should be a serious concern to you; Do not worry we at are happy to be at your service. We are based in London, we provide the best Squirrel Pest Control Treatment, which will exterminate the infestation considerably.   

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From the million recorded Rodents in the world, only a relatively small number are regarded as pests.

Squirrel Treatments

The Squirrel Pest Control Exterminator will survey the premise to determine the degree of infestation; the pest control agent needs to be given all-access to the infested areas. The agent will figure out the entry points towards the premise and also checks for anything, in general, that attracts them to your home. Bird feeders and other outside food sources attract them.

After detecting the infested areas, the squirrel exterminator will lay down traps with baits. Squirrels are suspicious of the poisonous substance, so the agent will use heavy-duty traps to capture them, and lets go of them in the safest way possible. If in case the squirrels do not get caught, the agent will change the place of the trap and replaces the bait with more attractive bait. At the end of the treatment, the squirrel pest control eliminator can provide you with some tips on how to prevent the Squirrels and other rodents from entering the property.




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