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Bed Bugs Treatment 


STEP 1 :

Once the customer decides on the date and time, which is suitable for them, one of our technicians will come to the property to begin the Job. We will show the proof of ID showing that we are from 1 Pest Control.





STEP 2 :

Our technicians will thoroughly examine the property to check the type of infestation. We will check every corner of the property such as carpets, sofas, mattresses, bed frame, curtains and other problematic areas to verify whether it is the bedbugs we are dealing with or any other insects. Once we confirm that it is indeed the Bedbugs, then we shall start the treatment.





STEP 3 :

Our technicians will keep safety first. We will evacuate everyone from the property and wear the safety equipment such as ready to wear respirators, goggles and gloves to keep it safe when we start the treatment.



STEP 4 :

The first step of the treatment begins with setting the pressure for pressurised spray that contains the insecticide to kill the Bedbugs and their eggs.





STEP 5 :

In the second phase, we start the treatment from the bedroom. We start by spraying the bed, the mattress, the bed frame, the wardrobe, curtains, cracks and crevices in the room. The bed bugs tend to stay in the cracks, wall holes, window sills quite a lot. Our technicians will make sure to spray in these places.





STEP 6 :

Once we finish the bedroom, we also spray the doorframes, stairs, the hallway to make sure they spread the chemicals in all the areas so the bed bugs cannot escape from the bedroom.





STEP 7 :

In the third phase, the technician will be spraying the sofas, carpets, and the seams in the entire living room. We will flip the sofa to spray underneath the sofa very thoroughly to make sure they get to all the bed bugs and their eggs.





With this step, we come to the end of the treatment.



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