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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

100% Guaranteed

 Elimination of Insect Infestation  

There are many instances where the pests become resistant to the pesticides which should supposedly kill them. So, what to do if you ever caught yourself in this situation?

Do not worry, the answer to the situation is Heat Treatment. The only permanent solution to the infestation of insects in your property. The Heat Treatment is eco-friendly, is harmless to your belongings and super-efficient against pests at any life stage.

The Certified Pest Control Technician will use special heaters to heat-up the affected rooms to temperatures 45 – 56° C, based on the level of infestation. The special heaters will eventually kill eggs, larvae and adult insects from the property in less than 24 hours.

You can count on us. Our certified pest exterminators will take good care of the affected areas

During the first visit, the Pest control technician will survey the affected areas, the pest control expert must be given all-access to the affected areas of the property. To avoid damage of any sort to the property, the expert will advise on which items essay writing service to remove from the room before the treatment begins. Bed bugs aren’t the only insects which can be treated with Heat Treatment. Fleas, moths, booklice are vulnerable to Heat.

The Heat Treatment will commence in 2-3 days after the Survey. In order to perform the service, the Technician will bring his special heat treatment equipment. The equipment consists of a professional grade heater that raises and maintains the room temperature at a constant temperature. The professional raises or adjusts the room temperature from 45-56°C based on the degree of the insect infestation.

The expert will stay at all times to monitor the temperature levels and also make sure the heating system works properly. The period of the service will depend on the size and number of rooms.

Note: Remove your personal items from the rooms before the treatment begins

As per the Guarantee, the Technicians will re-visit the property 2-weeks later and carefully survey it to make sure the infestation has vanished. The expert will spray the affected areas again to make sure the bed bugs won’t come back.


After the whole treatment is finished, the technician will stay a little longer to provide you with expert tips on DIY bed bugs control.

Bed Bug Treatment



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